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cable connector box Lever
cable connector box Towers
Pre-twisted wire Clamp ADSS
Pre-twisted wire suspension clamp
hoop Lever
Tension clamp Towers
straight clamp Towers
cable cable rack Lever ADSS / OPGW
cable cable rack Towers ADSS / OPGW
deflectors folder Lever ADSS
deflectors folder  Lever  OPGW
deflectors folder Towers ADSS
deflectors folder Towers OPGW
longer deflectors Clamps Towers OPGW
tuning fork vibration hammer FRD-type

tuning fork vibration hammer FRD -type

The company produces special hammer FRD -type shock tuning fork structure, can produce four resonant audio, can be very good coverage in reality the wires , ground vibration frequency range , after the installation of shock hammer, wire , amplitude ground amplitude decreased, and a stable oscillation frequency can be formed particularly rare , can effectively control various grades aeolian vibration , effectively deleted from the wire surface fatigue , ensure that the wire , ground life.
Composition: galvanized iron hammer, hot dip galvanized steel stranded wire, aluminum alloy wire clamp, stainless steel bolts.
Function: eliminate or reduce cable operation due to the influence of various factors to vibrate, the protection of cable.
Features: 1 using Hello typical design, frequency protection enough to spread from 6Hz-150Hz wide frequency band, and the four resonant frequencies in the range.
2 hammerhead wheat suspension permanent adhesive, can withstand the installation, repair, operation conditions of mechanical load.
3 unique shape design, not ice water.
4 convenient installation, safety, damage caused by wrong wire, wire.
5 shockproof hammer using corona proof design, can prevent the occurrence of corona.
Vibration caused by factors: block space, tension, wind speed, wind direction, wire and cable structure dimensions etc..
Scope of application: applicable to the vibration of overhead power line wire, wire inhibition.


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