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cable connector box Lever
cable connector box Towers
Pre-twisted wire Clamp ADSS
Pre-twisted wire suspension clamp
hoop Lever
Tension clamp Towers
straight clamp Towers
cable cable rack Lever ADSS / OPGW
cable cable rack Towers ADSS / OPGW
deflectors folder Lever ADSS
deflectors folder  Lever  OPGW
deflectors folder Towers ADSS
deflectors folder Towers OPGW
longer deflectors Clamps Towers OPGW
tuning fork vibration hammer FRD-type

deflectors folder Towers OPGW

This product is made ​​of high quality steel Seiko , looks hot galvanized, durable, non- slip , not loose, for the lead on a fixed tower or cited under the cable, it does not shake , avoid cable wear.
Metallic tower next fixture with quote
Cited or quoted on a fixed tower on the tower under the cable so that it does not shake , avoid cable wear.
Conditions of Use:
Fiber-optic cables and the first , on a continuous tower at the end of the tower .
Usage: usually one every 1.5 meters installed .


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