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cable connector box Lever
cable connector box Towers
Pre-twisted wire Clamp ADSS
Pre-twisted wire suspension clamp
hoop Lever
Tension clamp Towers
straight clamp Towers
cable cable rack Lever ADSS / OPGW
cable cable rack Towers ADSS / OPGW
deflectors folder Lever ADSS
deflectors folder  Lever  OPGW
deflectors folder Towers ADSS
deflectors folder Towers OPGW
longer deflectors Clamps Towers OPGW
tuning fork vibration hammer FRD-type

cable cable rack Towers ADSS / OPGW

Strongly recommended: my company launched a new ADSS/OPGW disk type optical cable residual cable rack, light weight, convenient use, firm and durable, is in the construction of optical cable line choice, welcome friends to buy consultation!
Usage: used for placing surplus optical cable when connecting, the general set up a joint box, with a residual cable rack. The residual cable frame rod and the tower with two kinds, such as rod, the need for the use of the rod diameter.
Cable connection is completed, the OPGW residual cable part should be coiled in the residual cable rack, and is fixed on the 5m from the ground Tata material or concrete poles, if installed in the box substation led rod, connector box installation height can be appropriately reduced, pay attention to stagger the dropping type fuse and the lightning arrester, ensure maintenance safety. Connection box installation position should be higher than the residual cable rack above 1m, for OPGW access. The residual cable rack and a fixed clamp by the manufacturer (which provide supporting tower frame, a residual cable downlead clamp shall ensure that between OPGW and the tower grounding part is insulated)


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