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Pre-twisted wire Clamp ADSS
Pre-twisted wire suspension clamp
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Pre-twisted wire suspension clamp

Composition: inner reeled silk, outer stranded wire, rubber clamping block, casing, true angle hanging ring, U type hanging ring, bolt, nut etc..
Characteristics: 1, uniform stress distribution, without the assembly point, can enhance the cable installation point of cable stiffness, good protection performance.
2, and has good dynamic stress tolerance, protective effect of double-layer structure more for long time operation of unbalanced load of the cable to 10% - 20%, the ultimate tensile strength can reach the cable grip.
3, and fiber optic cable has a larger contact area, and with a flexible rubber clamping block, self damping enhancement, to reduce wear.
4, smooth surface, the end of the sleek appearance, improves the corona discharge voltage, reduce the loss of electrical energy.
Aluminum alloy 5, quality, improves the mechanical properties of wire clamp and corrosion resistance, greatly prolongs the service life.
6, convenient installation, no need of professional installation tools, free repair, reduce the construction cost.
Conditions of use:
Elevation is less than or equal to 25 tower.
The clamp breaking strength 10-120KN.


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