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cable connector box Lever
cable connector box Towers
Pre-twisted wire Clamp ADSS
Pre-twisted wire suspension clamp
hoop Lever
Tension clamp Towers
straight clamp Towers
cable cable rack Lever ADSS / OPGW
cable cable rack Towers ADSS / OPGW
deflectors folder Lever ADSS
deflectors folder  Lever  OPGW
deflectors folder Towers ADSS
deflectors folder Towers OPGW
longer deflectors Clamps Towers OPGW
tuning fork vibration hammer FRD-type

Preformed Tension Set for Short Span ADSS/OPGW

Components: the hinge, thimble, u-shaped hanging ring, longer ring, nuts, bolts, silent pin, etc.

Composition characteristics: lightt, simple structure, convenient installation.

Conditions of Use: 150 mm, line angle ( elevation )> 15 DHS, ultimate tensile strength fiber optic cable (UTS) for 15-120 kN span cable project to use. It is mainly applied to the city distribution network line ADSS cable erection .
Strength: According to customer needs, the configured intensity is 10-120 kn



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